Monday, July 6, 2009

Back Home...

Susan and I are back home in ABI following a wonderfully relaxing vacation. Lots of reading, catching up with a few old friends and watching season 4 of Lost (watching the previous season of Lost on DVD has become a Conwell vacation tradition). It was a great week recharging mental, physical and spiritual batteries.

While Susan and I were away, our daughters, Katie Lea and Caroline, took care of things around the house. They fed our cats, brought in the mail... and even (this was big news) killed a cockroach.

Let me hasten to say, our house in not roach infested. We do have an occasional roach making a guest appearance... and I am quickly called upon, as the man of the house, to dispatch our unwelcome guest.

However, being a thousand miles away makes it tough for me to perform my roach-killing duties... so my girls had to take care of dispatching the bug. Let me be clear, this was a big step (no pun intended) for my daughters to take. They both possess a healthy disdain for cockroaches. But the bug was on the stairs, which was the way downstairs, so a showdown between daughters and roach was inevitable.

Grabbing the nearest weapon (a bottle of Windex), my girls proceeded to douse the bug with vigorous sprays. The resilient roach resisted, but was finally rendered immobile due to puddle forming around him. The cockroach was finally dispatched with a whack from a broom.

The roach passed from this life spotless and without streaks.

It's good to be home!