Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Walking Along...

I found myself on a walking trail in a large park not long ago. Many of my fellow walkers/joggers/runners seemed to be most intent on their activity. I tried to take in those who joined me on the path. I saw...

"Basketball man"... an older gentleman who carried a basketball with him as he walked.

"Ohio State man" was decked out in an Ohio State hat and tee-shirt. He wore big sunglasses and listened to his iPod as he walked.

"Stroller jogging moms" (and an occasional dad) who have the latest in aerodynamic stroller technology (a three wheeler with big tires) that allows for speed and efficiency as they job while pushing Junior.

"Lady with the big stick"... an older African American woman who walked with a big stick firmly grasped in her right hand. I assumed it was a defence against loose dogs and not a weapon to be used on fellow walkers.

"Walker walking man"... older man who appeared to have suffered a stroke. He shuffled along behind his aluminum walker as he straddled the center of the path hash-marks separating the walking/jogging side of the path from the bicycle side.

Who did you see today?