Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I Slipped Up...

I did something the other night that I haven’t done in nearly twenty-nine years of marriage. I've been proud that I've never done it before. I'd heard about other men doing it and thought, "Wow, I'm glad I'm not that foolish and insensitive." I've seen how women react to a man who's thoughtlessly acted in this way, and I've witnessed the pain and distrust that it causes.

Men, I want to pause and ask that all of us make a serious commitment to not do this anymore. Susan has forgiven me… and I have promised to never let it happen again. But...

What's sad is that most couples never talk about this issue until after it happens... and by then it's too late because the damage has been done.

I've overheard women talking about the shame caused by men who slip up and do this despicable thing. Frankly, I'm afraid of what women are going to say about me now that I've done it.

I feel so ashamed. I was so careful for so long… but one careless moment, one self-centered second… and it can happen to you. And the pain can be devastating.

I'm so thankful that Susan has forgiven me… and I have promised her that it will never happen again.

By the way, I probably should tell you what my failure was… I left the toilet seat up.

Susan got up to go to the restroom about 2 a.m. and nearly took a plunge! (My sweetie said only her quick reflexes saved her from a swim.) I'm fairly confident her not falling in probably saved my life.

Men, we've got to put the toilet seat down! There’s no excuse for anything less than giving that little extra effort to the ones we love the most.

Happy April Fool's Day...