Friday, April 3, 2009

Dangerous Churches...

Craig Groeschel posted the following earlier this week. It hit me somewhere between "gut punch" and "wake-up call."

I was talking to a guy on a plane about God. When I asked him if he went to church, he explained politely that he wasn’t interested. I asked him why he wasn’t and he said matter of factly, “Because I’ve already been and nothing happened.”

Maybe he went to a “safe” church. In a safe church:

* The message makes you feel better.

* You’re never confronted about your sin.

* No one rocks the boat.

* You don’t have to change.

* You may never truly encounter our Holy and Life-giving God.

When I read about the New Testament church, it was filled with people with a dangerous faith. While we certainly should make our environments welcoming, our message should remain dangerous.

* We’re called to leave everything to follow Christ.

* We’re invited to believe God for the impossible.

* We’re told to love our enemies and pray for those who persecute us.

* We’re told that to find our life we have to lose it first.

There is nothing safe about that message. May our churches become a safe place to encounter a dangerous message.

What are some of the ways you offer a welcoming environment while presenting a dangerous message?