Thursday, December 18, 2008

Mary's Reaction...

I got the idea for this post from Beth Nelson, a fellow blogger.

I'm reading the first chapter of Luke this morning looking for something new. I've practically memorized the second chapter of Luke... with the inn, the shepherds, the angels-- but today I'm trying to read the Bible as if for the first time. I'm looking for new thoughts and perspectives... and this morning I'm struck by how Mary responded to Gabriel's news of her pregnancy. Here's how it might have gone down for me if I were Mary:

Me: Great. My parents are going to disown me. I'll have nowhere to live. The people in Nazareth will think Joseph and I have been having sex this whole time. Joseph will think I've cheated on him. I'll never be able to go to the Temple again. In fact, I may not be able to go anywhere since I'll be killed as soon as the first person finds out I'm pregnant. And even if they don't kill me, I'll be ostracized for the rest of my life, living as a wanderer in the mountains. How am I going to feed and care for a baby while I'm living homeless in the mountains? It's not like I could explain this to people - who has ever heard of someone getting pregnant by the Holy Spirit? Who would believe me?

Mary: I'm the most fortunate woman on earth! [Luke 1:48, The Message]

Mary had a perspective that allowed her to immediately see beyond her own anxiety and go straight to the mind of God. Maybe that's where we should be... nestled so close to His heart that fear can't even take hold. Fear doesn't have a chance next to God's overwhelming sovereignty and love.