Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Santa Suit...

A few days ago, SoHills hosted another Jesus Party for mentally challenged adults in our community. An ACU senior and friend, Matt Lambro, continued the proud tradition of putting on the suit that my good friend, Don Davis, wore so well for many years in Atlanta... and Matt became Santa for our group of wide-eyed, and thrilled-to-the-point-of-utter-delight, Jesus Party guests.

I thought of both of my friend, Don, as I watched the events of a few evenings ago unfold... remembering the many wonderful Christmas gatherings we had shared in Atlanta at the Ronald McDonald House, Jesus Parties and youth group Christmas parties.

Most of you have never met Don, but this very non-typical engineer (PhD in Electrical Engineering from Georgia Tech) has done so much through the years to make Christmas a memorable season for me, and many other people... especially the sick and overlooked.

Your legacy lives on, Don... the Santa Suit was worn well!