Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Get Out of the Boat...

What would it feel like to walk on water? When Jesus invited Peter to climb out of the boat and join him on the waves… what thoughts went through Peter’s head? Did Peter stop to ponder Jesus' invitation? Maybe, without taking his eyes off Jesus, Peter just kicked off his sandals and stepped out of the boat.

Is walking on water like walking on Jell-O? Maybe… but if you’re walking on Jell-O you wouldn’t be able to bend down, poke your hand in and touch a fish swimming underneath you. Matthew 14 doesn’t tell us what it was like to walk on water… just that Jesus was doing it and Peter got to join him.

And why did Peter doubt? One minute he’s walking on the water toward Jesus, and then… he takes his eyes off Jesus. At that moment, Peter ceases to walk on water. The reason: He stopped looking at the One who made the impossible possible.

No longer did the water provide support to Peter’s feet. He starts sinking. But Jesus is there to provide strong hands that rescue Peter from a watery fate.

Now… if you’re one of the other disciples in the boat, what are you thinking? “I knew Peter couldn’t do it.” “It serves him right for trying a stunt like that!” “Peter just didn’t have the right kind of faith.”
But then it hits you… Peter was the only one of the guys in the boat who stepped out onto the water.

I wonder what I would have done if I’d been in the boat that night.

Do I trust Jesus enough to do the impossible?

Can I keep my eyes fixed on him… no matter what?

God, please keep me focused on the One who teaches me how to get out of the boat.