Monday, January 5, 2009

What Makes You Want To Read It...

I like lists. I especially like lists of good content. Considering the internet is a Niagara Falls of content, lists help you zero in on the good stuff.

Despite the plethora of lists, I run across dozens of things each week that I really want to read... but don't have time to... or don't get around to reading.

Partly this is because they're too long. I want short content. Interesting, funny, thought provoking ... efficient. However, I've noticed lately there are several such things, short bits of interesting content, that I want to delve into, but never do.

For example, there are several great blogs currently bookmarked on my Firefox toolbar. Why don't I take the time to engage this material that I really like (and know I really like)... especially after the producer has taken the time to package it so nicely, and make it short and good?

Do you have this problem? What do content creator's need to do to make us engage their content?