Thursday, August 27, 2009


My SoHills' ministry team mates and I have been talking a lot lately about trust and trustworthiness. We understand that trust cannot be sustained in a culture where individuals are not worthy of trust. Therefore, we must choose to be trustworthy.

- Being trustworthy is not the equivalent of being flawless in character or performance.
- To be trustworthy means to be worthy of trust.

There are three commitments we need to make in choosing to be trustworthy:
1. I commit to do what I say I will do and when I don’t, I’ll tell you.

2. I commit to not over promise and under deliver. But, if it looks like that’s
where things are headed, I’ll tell you.

3. If you confront me about the gaps I have created between what you expected me to do and what I actually did, I’ll tell you the truth.