Tuesday, March 2, 2010

In Memory of Paper Phone Books...

Someone recently delivered to the front door of my house two new phone books. That same week someone (I'm not thinking it was the same person) placed a new phone book in front of my office door. My response was to deliver all three of the above-mentioned phone books to our local recycling center. ("Thank you for recycling!")

Let me state for the record... I hold no animosity toward new phone books and/or those who distribute them. In fact, my father spent his work career with the people who put the Yellow Pages in many cities' phone books. So phone books have a fond place in my heart in that they helped put food on our table when I was growing up.

The fact is: I no longer use the printed-on-paper phone book.

Now... that doesn't mean I have memorized all the phone numbers I use on a daily basis, or that I have given up the phone. The fact of my life is that I no longer use a traditional printed-on-paper phone book because other readily-at-my-fingertips' resources (the Internet, GOOG411, etc.) are more convenient and easier to use.

My choices: 1) bemoan the demise of the paper phone book; 2) continue to use a paper phone book because it's what my parents used, and I grew up using; 3) or accept the fact that things change... and change does not equal bad or evil.

"For things to change, somebody somewhere has to start acting differently. Maybe it's you..." (Switch by Chip Heath & Dan Heath)

What are your holding on to that needs to be taken to the recycling bin? And who needs to start acting differently in order for things to change... and might that who be you?