Tuesday, March 23, 2010

I've Been Taking a Break...

Those of you who take the time to visit Conexus have most likely taken note of the paucity of posts over the past month. An exciting new role I've been called to at SoHills has made some significant demands on my time.... and I spent last week as part of an ACU Spring Break Campaign team in New Orleans. Suffice it to say I've been busy, but content.

Regarding my new role... SoHills' elders will be sharing both their hearts and information with the church this Sunday about some exciting changes they have implemented in our leadership model. Recognizing that systems create behaviors, and systems trump vision, our shepherds have spent the past 2 years prayerfully considering the changes they are making at a systems level. More on m new role later... I don't want to steal any of the thunder from my elders as they speak to the church on Sunday.

As far as my week in New Orleans with the ACU Spring Break Campaign team... what can I say, I loved every minute of it! Serving alongside 20 university students who give up their Spring Break, pay their own money, to serve others in the name of Jesus--wow, I get chill bumps just typing those words.

Our team loved on, and was loved on by, the Carrollton Avenue church. Members of our team spent time at two New Orleans' elementary schools tutoring children. Those who served in this way came away deeply moved by the sweet spirits of the children, and profoundly touched by the deeply difficult circumstances the children lived in.

And a significant work project our team engaged in during our week in New Orleans was the construction of a playground for the Carrollton Avenue church. No sooner had placed the finishing touches on the playground, than children were happily climbing in the "geo-dome" our team had purchased and donated.

If you want your heart encouraged, and your spirit lifted... come to New Orleans with me and the ACU students who'll participate on next year's Spring Break Campaign.

Okay... you're somewhat caught up with me. I'm hoping to get another post up in the next day or so. Thanks for reading...