Thursday, August 28, 2008


I really liked this post from Perry Noble about his friend "Bob":

I have a friend who doesn’t know Jesus…I’ll call him “Bob", although Bob is not his name.

I first met Bob several years ago at the gym…and over time he and I began talking here and there for about five minutes at a time.

Let me be very clear…we have absolutely zero in common. He’s about 20-25 years older than me. He likes cats, he doesn’t sweat like me… you get the picture.

About a year or so ago I invited him to church…and he came! (it’s amazing what a personal invite will do!)

And then the next week–HE CAME BACK!

I think it would be safe to say that if Bob is in town–he doesn’t miss! EVER!

He always tells me when we talk about how much he enjoyed the service. AND…if he has questions he always asks.

One day I talked to him about his relationship with Jesus and he told me that he isn’t ready to make that decision…but, “I think I’m getting closer,” he always says.

There are weeks when we do not see each other…and then there are weeks when we see one another several times. He always smiles…and always tells me either, “I’ll see you this Sunday,” or, “I won’t be there this week…but I will make it the next.”

Bob doesn’t know Christ!

I’m glad he comes to church… but my prayer is that he ultimately will give his life to Jesus.

I pray for this often!

We are supposed to go to lunch in the next month or so.

Bob doesn’t know Jesus… but he needs to!

Here’s my question, “WHO IS THE ‘BOB’ IN YOUR LIFE?”

Who, in your life, needs Christ…but for some reason you have been unwilling to invite them to church… or even begin a conversation with them about Jesus?