Saturday, August 9, 2008

Look For Number 4...

I smiled as I read the following post by Scott Williams, and then I found myself nodding in agreement with the great point he makes.

My family was having dinner one Saturday after church at Chili’s. At the time, my youngest son Jayden was four years old.

As we were finishing, Jayden said he needed to use the restroom. Jayden loudly announced to us (and to the tables around us) that he needed to “do number 4.

My wife asked Jayden what number 4 was. His bold response: “Number 4 is diarrhea!”

Not only was the moment entertaining, but Jayden provided a valuable lesson. Many times as leaders, pastors, parents, and spouses we see situations as though only number ones and number twos are available.

In fact, there are many more variations. I often hear people say, “Well, that’s the way we do this or that,” or “We can’t do this or that.” Many times the number 4 option may be available.

In other words, look for that slight variation. That might be just different enough to make a “Big Difference.”

Some of the world’s best success stories are a result of people’s willingness to “take a number 4.”

Do you find it difficult to look for that number 4?