Monday, August 11, 2008

Leadership Lessons...

I'm a student of leaders and leadership. Dave Ferguson recently posted some lessons on leadership that it took him a long time to learn. A couple of Dave's long-time in learning leadership lessons stood out to me:

Make It Fit On A Napkin
If it can’t be explained on a napkin it is too complicated. Make sure everything from your slogan, to your process for disciple-making to how you will create a movement can be explained on a napkin. If is simple and reproducible you can mobilize the masses.

Lead With A “Yes” And Ask “How” Later

If you want to lead in bringing about innovation learn to lead with a “yes” and not “how”. People are born with dreams from God and they want to make a difference. What they need most is a leader who will say “yes” when they ask for permission to give it a try.