Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Creativity & Possibilitarianism...

Mark Batterson, the lead pastor for the National Community Church in Washington, D.C., has a great quote that I keep in my file of great quotes: "The church ought to be the most creative place on the planet because we have the Spirit of God and I think creativity is a dimension of spirituality."

Just think... the local church (your church!) being viewed as the most creative, God-possibility thinking people in town. Hold that thought and consider the value these two business firms put on creativity and possibility thinking:

Every year on March 4th, a firm known as BrightHouse holds an event called March Fo(u)rth. On that date, each employee is encouraged to do something he or she has never attempted... parachute from a plane, scuba-dive, start writing a novel. Joey Reiman, BrightHouse's founder, CEO and "thinker" puts it this way, "If we're known for anything, it's possibilitarianism."

Maddock Douglas, an "Agency of Innovation," gives an annual Fail Forward award... which is designed to celebrate endeavors both ambitious and disastrous. Last year, a designer at the firm won for an unorthodox publication design that wound up laying waste to the firm's production schedule and resulted in a costly error. "It was a total embarrassment," says Maddock Douglas president Raphael Lewis Viton. "But she was trying to do something new and different and better. She went for it, and she won an award for it."

How might your church be reaching people for Jesus that no one else is reaching if it was the most creative, God-possibility thinking people in town?