Thursday, September 10, 2009

In The Loop...

Everyone has people they need to "keep in the loop". For some of us, it's our spouses who are constantly wondering what's going on in our world. For others, it's our staff, or bosses who need to know about the information that comes across our desk.

I've found myself, on occasion, wishing that there was a one-size-fits-all method for communicating that I could employ to keep everyone in the loop at the same time. But for now, it is a struggle to stay on top of everything I need to say to everyone I need to say it to.

So here's where I currently fall on this communication learning curve:

If there are multiple ways to say the same thing to the same person or group I take advantage of as many ways as possible. (Call them, email them, text them, send them a card, set up a meeting, carve it in a block of wood and leave it on their car etc…)

I am learning that I need to:
1) Tell them the information.
2) Ask them if they need me to clarify any part of what I just told them.
3) Follow-up again down the road to make sure they got it.

There are a lot of things that people are going to get frustrated about, but being "kept in the loop" is generally not on the top of their list. And, most people aren't going to fault you for trying either.

Information is power! So, as a leader whose sole purposes are to:
1) Empower the people I lead;
2) Stay in step with the leaders I follow.

I need to hand out information as often and as fast as possible.

When I say the same thing in the same way every time I say it, it gets lost in the monotony so I try to change it up and make it interesting when I can.

Whatever information you currently have that could be remotely helpful to someone else, go ahead and give it away. If you're worried that by giving it away you may loose your edge or fall behind, get over yourself... you're not that important and neither am I.