Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Serving Up Leftovers...

Let me just say... I've never really cared for leftovers. I don't want to come across as a picky eater or waster of food, it's just that I can think of very few dishes that are as good the second time around as they were the first.

Imagine for a moment being invited to a really special dinner for your birthday. Your friends hosted a meal and they all came together in order to celebrate your life and friendship. Despite your expectations of a sumptuous feast-- your friends all decided to just empty their respective refrigerators and spread a meal made up of a bunch of leftovers.

What a let down. Doesn't sound much like a celebration, does it?

As we consider our relationship with God and our lives being an offering to Him... are we presenting Him our best, or our leftovers? Our lives should be a celebration of God's greatness and an outpouring of thanksgiving for the relationship we can have with Him through Jesus.

Have you been offering God your leftovers?