Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Am I Willing...

Pride is a never-ending battle for me. Just when I think I've wrestled pride to the ground, it's back on top of me and grabbing me by the throat. I'm convinced pride robs many a Christian of their example... and many a leader of their effectiveness.

Pete Wilson posted some challenging, convicting thoughts regarding pride... and then posed the following three questions. Wrestle with Pete's questions, and then join me in praying for God to purge us of the pride that prevents us from being the Kingdom servants we're called to be.

1) Am I willing to allow another person to do what I think I must do?

2) Am I willing to do what I am doing, even if no one else knows I am doing it?

3) Am I willing to let God use me for a season, and then be okay with Him later for putting my work into the hands of another?