Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Take A Seat...

"Do not sit down in a place of honor." Luke 14:8

Everything within us wants to be honored. (I'm pointing at myself as I type these words.) But we don't get honor by seeking it. We get honor by giving honor. People who try to impress don't impress. You know what's really impressive? Someone who isn't trying to impress at all. Nothing is more endearing than good old-fashioned humility. Humility doesn't seek honor. It gives honor.

I love Jesus' teachings because they are so counter-cultural.

- We want to be consulted.

- We want to be preferred.

- We want the seat of honor.

But Jesus tells us to "go and sit in the lowest place." In other words, take a position of humility. Don't seek honor. Let it seek you. How? Look for opportunities to allow others to be honored and esteemed ahead of you... in order that you would be a holy as Jesus wants you to be.