Thursday, January 28, 2010

Spiritual Mentors...

I've just gotten back from lunch with David Wray... and it was a rich feast (and I'm not talking about the turkey on wheat sandwich I had at Subway). David is a great friend, a spiritual hero and a respected mentor. He pours himself deeply into every conversation I have with him. Every Christ-follower needs a David Wray.

Now, the tricky part is that there's not enough of David to go around for all of us, so many of us are going to have to become "Davids" for others. And what that starts to look like is a self-less gift of ourselves in walking alongside others for a season. Spiritual counsel drawn from the lives of godly women and men who have spent considerable time on the Lord's anvil is a precious thing.

Do you have a spiritual mentor? If you don't, seek one out. Don't wait for them to ask you (they shouldn't and most likely wouldn't). You ask them.

Do you need to be some one's spiritual mentor? Pray for the Holy Spirit to make you accessible to that person in whose life God can use you. Let them approach you (see above), don't seek them out.

A final word of encouragement that keeps us "above reproach"... seek out a spiritual mentor who shares your gender.