Friday, April 18, 2008

Fajitas & Prayer

I've traveled to Houston for a day in order to meet with some local church leaders, and that allowed me to hook up with Jonathan Ross for dinner. Jonathan is the worship minister for the Bammel church, and he lives a life that reflects Jesus.

We're at a Mexican restaurant... and our server, Jessica, had placed our meals before us. She was starting to turn away, when Jonathan stopped her and said, "Jessica, we're about to pray... is there anything we can pray for you about?"

It took Jessica a moment to process the question, she clearly wasn't expecting it, and then she said, "Yes... please pray for my mother. She lives in West Virginia, and she's dealing with a lot of health problems." And that's all Jessica could get out... as her eyes filled with tears and her voice failed her. She mouthed the words, "Thank you" -- and then headed back to the kitchen.

And we prayed for Jessica's mom.

I'm thankful that God has put people like JRoss in my life.