Monday, April 28, 2008

WATS Day Was Cool...

WATS Day was cool... literally. It was a sweatshirt day for most of the afternoon--until the sun came out about 3:30 pm and warmed things up.

WATS was also very cool in that my church family at SoHills once again turned out in a great way to be the sermon in our Abilene community. I love it when church has left the building!

My WATS team mates were a hard-working, Jesus-like collection of teenagers, university students and assorted other adults. Andrew Loveland, who I served alongside of as co-leader of our team, did a great job of scoping out our work site in advance of WATS Day, and making sure we had all of the supplies we needed to scrape and paint the house we'd been assigned.

One of the highlights of WATS Day for me is getting to know the people we serve. Our team got to spend time with Angelita (that's her standing with me) throughout the day. We concluded WATS Day by praying over Angelita and her family.

God did just what we prayed He'd do... He reminded us at the end of a wonderful day that He took us beyond what we could have thought or imagined. All the glory belongs to Him.