Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Don't Be...

I had lunch with Larry M. at a local restaurant last Thursday. Our server was Seth, who I found out later was an ACU student.

Seth was friendly, prompt in taking our order and attentive without being intrusive. Like most of the young men and women I encounter each week behind food counters or table-side, Seth put the "serve" in server.

Our lunch finished and the bill paid, Larry and I were preparing to leave the restaurant when Seth reappeared at our table. Seth said that he was an ACU student, and further mentioned that he had visited SoHills on several occasions. He indicated he'd seen me during his visits to SoHills.

Then he said, "I just appreciate the kindness and courtesy the two of you have shown me... it's been a pleasure to serve you. It's not often that people I recognize from the churches in town treat me the way you have." And Seth smiled and walked away.

I don't share this story as a pat-on-the-back for Larry and me. No, I'm hearing Seth's comments as a wake-up call to each of us who call ourselves Christian servants... but who treat with disregard or disrespect the "servers" we come in contact with every day at the grocery store, the lunch counter, the mall, or gas station.

Those in our communities who know us as "church people" and who observe a disconnect between what we sing and profess inside of our church buildings and how we treat them... they have a word to describe us: hypocrite.

Don't be.