Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Headed to New Orleans...

Early Saturday morning, I'll climb into a SoHills' van and head toward New Orleans with a group of ACU students. These students will be giving their Spring Break over to ministry alongside the Carrollton Avenue church in New Orleans, and Carrollton Avenue's recent church plant in the Hollygrove community of the city.

On Wednesday night of next week, we'll be throwing a gospel music party in the street in front of the Hollygrove church building. The city of New Orleans has given us permission to close the street for the party. Music always draws a crowd in the Big Easy, and we've got George Pendergrass coming into town to lead the singing. Several pots of fish will also be frying on the back porch of the Hollygrove building, so nobody will go away hungry.

I've got a feeling that God is going to do some amazing things in New Orleans next week. I'm just looking forward to being there!