Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Kingdom Question...

I had one of the ACU students who's on our New Orleans Spring Break Campaign team ask me a question last night. This student wanted to know if I believed in a "Big Kingdom of God, or a little Kingdom." When I asked for a bit of clarification, the student replied, "Well, when people who say they believe in God disappoint me... I'm not sure I think they're in the Kingdom. So, God's Kingdom keeps getting smaller for me."

I'm always appreciative when people are straightforward in sharing their thoughts... and I affirmed this student for their willingness to pose such an honest question.

My reply to this student: "I believe in a big Kingdom of God... because I'm one of the most imperfect, sinful people I know. And I'm counting on, through the grace of God, a place for me at God's Kingdom table.

I'm a fan of Kingdom of God conversations.