Thursday, June 4, 2009


I was challenged by this recent post from Scott Rodgers:

Help. I’m broken and I can’t get up.

Broken by God”—that’s a statement I’m hearing a lot of lately. What does it mean to be broken by God? I’m not so sure it’s something God does as much as it is a place we find ourselves in.

I think there are two primary places of brokenness. First, brokenness can be the result of sin. We’ve messed everything up, and now life is just broken. Second, brokenness can be the result of surrender. We’ve submitted ourselves to the purposes of God so much that we are experiencing pain; the pain of selflessness, submission, being misunderstood, etc.

It’s critical we don’t confuse the two. We need to stop saying, “God is breaking me,” when we’re really just breaking ourselves by repeating destructive, sinful behavior. And, if you’re experiencing brokenness as the result of surrender, lean into it; you’re going through a process of transformation.

Help... I’m broken and I can’t get up. I’m flat on my back. My sin is great. Lord, please forgive me and restore me.

Help... I’m broken and I can’t get up. I’m on my knees. My surrender is great. Lord, please give me the strength to stay the course.

What are your thoughts or experiences with this topic of brokenness?