Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Team Thinking...

One of the biggest challenges for any leader is building and leading teams. The heart of the challenge lies in the thinking that it's faster and more efficient to do things by ourselves. It takes leadership to do team. That's why one of the things I'm constantly challenging myself and my SoHills ministry partners to do is think team.

We must build
teams at every level of our churches and organizations. Jesus modeled team thinking for us. Here are a few idea on how to build and lead more effective teams based on the ministry and example of Jesus:

* Determine not to do life and ministry alone. Jesus had a team of 12. If he had a team, doesn't it stand to reason that we could use one too

* Pick the right people for the team. Jesus didn't pick superstars. He picked people who were
passionate, teachable, and loyal.

* Cultivate your team. Jesus spent a great deal of time with his team. He was constantly pulling away from the crowds to invest in his team.

* Function as a team. Jesus taught the disciples how to work together to accomplish more than
they could accomplish on their own.

How about you? Are you thinking team?