Saturday, May 3, 2008

God's Ripple Effect...

A couple of very cool things have happened in the last week that remind me how God takes our mustard seed possibilities and grows them into His opportunities...

Cool story #1: Stephen Jacobs emailed me that his WATS team was joined last Sunday by the family his group had helped as part of WATS Day 2007. This family wanted to be part of serving others in the way they had been served.

And the story didn't end there. Stephen said that the lady his WATS team helped this year
asked to be part of their group for WATS Day 2009... because she also wants to serve others.

Cool story #2: I'm having breakfast on Thursday with Phil and two SoHills shepherds, when one of the shepherds mentions a conversation he'd had the day before. This shepherd related how the person he was lunching with mentioned reading a blog entry about how some people at a restaurant had involved their server in their prayer. This shepherd said that he'd loved the idea... and encouraged us to involve in our prayer the server who was about to bring us our breakfast.

I didn't mention to this shepherd that I'd written the post (Fajitas & Prayer) he was referring to. But I did smile at the radiating possibilities of God.