Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Got Any Bright Ideas?

Here's an interesting quote from Guy Kawasaki, who served as an Apple Fellow at Apple Computer: "Not innovating is more dangerous than innovating. The opposite of innovation is not death; it's mediocrity. In fact, death--or a near-death experience--might be a better outcome than mediocrity because people are forced to rebuild or move on. By contrast, people can cling to mediocrity indefinitely."

It seems to me that many churches have lost their innovative edge. I'm wondering if churches are afraid to innovate because they fear they might fail, or upset someone? Someone once said “Las Vegas has nothing to say, but a million ways to say it. The church has everything to say, but fails to say it.” In the technological age we live in... with so many competing messages... what does does the church need to do to be heard above the “noise" of our culture?

Any ideas?