Thursday, May 8, 2008

How Would You Respond?

I came across these comments on a blog recently:

"What's the deal with most modern churches? I understand the idea of local churches, but doesn't that mean a body of believers within a community (not necessarily a 'building')? And with technology the way it is nowadays, can't a community be practically anywhere?

Why do I feel guilty for not serving in my local 'building' when I know I serve others daily in my life. Why do I feel guilty for not being in a small group or always going to a service that my local 'building' coordinates when I know I hang out with other believers regularly? Why do I feel guilty when I don't give to my local 'building,' but I give money to other believers and causes that I feel led to give to?

Is the culture of the modern church one that is so singularly focused that the local church has become an institution and not a lifestyle, which I think is the way the New Testament intended it to be? I know there is a need for churches in our culture, but why do those churches make other ways seem unacceptable?"

It seems to me that the author of these words is giving us a window into the minds of people who either are frustrated members of traditional churches, or those who have rejected traditional churches and are searching for other alternatives.

How would you respond to this person?