Monday, May 12, 2008

Practical Atheism...

Craig Groeschel got me thinking recently about the concept of "practical atheism." Here's a summary of Craig's ideas on this subject with some of my thoughts mixed in:

Sometimes I'm a "practical atheist."
Spiritually, I believe in God. But practically, I live as if He doesn't exist.

* If I REALLY trusted God, I wouldn't worry so much.
* If I REALLY believed it was His church and not mine, I'd sleep better.
* If I REALLY believed in prayer, I'd spend less time strategizing and more time on my knees.

Let's be honest...

* Do we believe our effort is more important than God's power?
* Do we believe our private life doesn't affect our public ministry?
* Do we believe we must please people more than we must please God?

Fill in the blanks: If I REALLY believed _____________, I'd _______________.

May God stir our hearts to live as if we really believe!